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Flora (/ˈflɔːɹə/) is the female Tiger Keidran. As a young girl she lived in Tiger territory; but one day, her village was raided by Humans, which led to the deaths of her entire family. Flora was captured as part of the raid and sold as a slave to Keidran's family. At first, Keiren had treated her kindly, but as he grew up, he distanced himself from her to fit in with his other friends. Eventually Flora escaped her owners, but not without a failed pursuit by a mob of angry Humans, of which Keiren was reluctantly involved in. After returning to her own lands, she was forced into arranged marriage by her people to Sythe, an important member of the Border Forest Tribe, as part of an agreement to ally the Tiger and Forest Wolf clans. However, the marriage was never finalised, as the caravan she was traveling with was wiped out in another Human attack.


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