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Released on 26th June 2021

Version type Alpha
Mod version 0.6
Wynncraft version 1.20
Minecraft version 1.12.2
Size 224.06 MB
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Realm of Light Part 1 + some other quests

A bunch of new quests, such as Realm of Light Part 1!

List of quests included in this version:

  1. Creeper Infiltration
  2. Grave Digger
  3. Maltic's Well
  4. Wrath of the Mummy
  5. Corrupted Village
  6. Ice Nations
  7. Lost Royalty
  8. WynnExcavation Site A
  9. WynnExcavation Site B
  10. Cluck Cluck
  11. Infested Plants
  12. Enzan's Brother
  13. Reincarnation
  14. Bob's Lost Soul
  15. Temple of Legends
  16. WynnExcavation Site C
  17. Cook Assistant
  18. Clearing the Camps
  19. Star Thief
  20. The House of Twain
  21. The Sewers of Ragni (including the dungeon dialogue)
  22. Beyond the Grave
  23. Blazing Retribution
  24. One Thousand Meters Under
  25. Recipe for Disaster
  26. Potion Making
  27. Underwater
  28. Déjà Vu
  29. Macabre Masquerade Hallowynn 2014
  30. General's Orders
  31. Elemental Exercise
  32. Dwelling Walls
  33. Pit of the Dead
  34. Arachnids' Ascent
  35. Tower of Ascension
  36. Tunnel Trouble
  37. The Dark Descent
  38. Realm of Light Part 1
  39. Zhight Island
  40. Fallen Delivery
  41. The Passage
  42. Lava Springs
  43. Desperate Metal