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King’s Recruit

Enzan’s Brother

Poisoning the Pest

Cook Assistant

Infested Plants

The Sewers of Ragni

Tunnel Trouble


Elemental Exercise

Mushroom Man

Arachnids' Ascent

Déjà Vu

Creeper Infiltration

Potion Making

Maltic’s Well

Lava Springs

Grave Digger

Macabre Masquerade

Studying the Corrupt

Cluck Cluck

Pit of the Dead

Dark Descent

Dwelling Walls

Tempo Town Trouble

Recover the Past

Lost Tower

Corrupted Village

The Mercenary

Misadventure on the Sea

Craftmas Chaos

Green Gloop

A Sandy Scandal

Kingdom Of Sand

Meaningful Holiday

Stable Story

Tribal Aggression

Wynn­Excavation Site A

Wrath of the Mummy

Canyon Condor

Pirate's Trove

Tower of Ascension

Ice Nations

Heart of Llevigar

Star Thief

Clearing the Camps


Fate of the Fallen

Blazing Retribution

Bob's Lost Soul

Wynn­Excavation Site B

Frost Bite

Rise of the Quartron

An Iron Heart Part I

The House of Twain

A Grave Mistake

The Maiden Tower

Crop Failure

Corrupted Betrayal

Jungle Fever

Master Piece

Death Whistle

Realm Of Light I

The Shadow Of the Beast

Wynn­Excavation Site C

Zhight Island

The Passage

An Iron Heart Part II

The Order of the Grook

Beneath the Depths

Reclaiming the House

Redbeard's Booty

Lost in the Jungle

Realm Of Light II

Out of My Mind

Realm Of Light III

Lost Royalty

Lost Soles

Memory Paranoia

From The Mountains

Temple of Legends

Grand Youth

Lazarus Pit

Wynn­Excavation Site D

Shattered Minds

Haven Antiquity

Realm of Light IV

Lexdale Witch Trials

Forbidden Prison

Murder Mystery

Troubled Tribesmen


Acquiring Credentials

Aldorei's Secret Part I

Flight in Distress

The Ultimate Weapon

The Bigger Picture

The Hunger of Gerts Part I

Purple and Blue

Aldorei's Secret Part II

The Hunger of Gerts Part II

Fallen Delivery

Realm of Light V

From The Bottom


General's Orders

The Qira Hive

Thanos Vaults

The Belly of the Beast

A Marauder's Dues

The Envoy Part I

The Canyon Guides

The Canary Calls

The Lost


Desperate Metal

Beyond the Grave

Mixed Feelings

The Hidden City

The Envoy Part II

Enter the Dojo

Fantastic Voyage

Dwarves and Doguns Part I

The Feathers Fly Part I

Dwarves and Doguns Part II

Dwarves and Doguns Part III

The Feathers Fly Part II

Dwarves and Doguns Part IV

One Thousand Meters Under

Recipe For Disaster

The Fortuneteller

Royal Trials

Hero of Gavel

A Journey Beyond

A Journey Further

Point of No Return

A Hunter's Calling

Ocean sails

Loyal and Friendly Guide

Infested Pit Dungeon

Underworld Crypt Dungeon

Non-quest Dialogue

Soldier NPCs

The Thanos Depository

Hollow Serenity

All Roads To Peace

Taking the Tower

Supply and Delivery

Timelost Sanctum Dungeon

Wynn Plains Discoveries

Almuj Desert Discoveries

Nesaak Plains Discoveries

Llevigar Plains Discoveries

Olux Swamp Discoveries

Dark Forest Discoveries

Light Forest Discoveries

Gylia Plains Discoveries

Canyon of the Lost Discoveries

Molten Heights Discoveries

Sky Islands Discoveries

Corkus Discoveries

Silent Expanse Discoveries

Legendary Island