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Released on 22nd December 2022

Version type Beta
Mod version 1.2
Wynncraft version 2.0
Minecraft version 1.12.2
Size 587.39 MB
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A Christmas Gift: Update 1.2

Hello there, dear users of Voices of Wynn. The time of the year came again and we decided that we want to gift your a new version of our mod for Christmas (or anything you celebrate at this part of the year).

Our contributors and donators had access to the previous alpha version that contained quite a few complicated changes and optimizations. They tested everything, so this public version should hopefully come (relatively) bug-free.

The most significant things in this update are the voicing of a lot of Wynncraft 2.0 quests and a lot of re-edits, so you can now skip over the voiced dialogue just as you can skip over the text. We plan to do this for all the quests over time. Last but not least, we made quite a number of fixes, filled in missing dialogue and also did some recasts and retakes to further increase the mod's quality and improve your experience.

Thank you for the wonderful year, in which more work on this mod has been done than ever. It could never happen without you, whether you're one of the many voice actors, or just a regular user helping to spread the word of Voices of Wynn. We'll make sure to keep working on the mod in 2023.

Happy holidays and happy new year.

–Voices of Wynn staff team

New Quests and dialogues

  • Canary Calls
  • Hollow Serenity
  • Thanos Depository
  • Added post-quest lines to Stable Story
  • Added mid-quest and post-quests lines to WynnExcavation Site A
  • Added more Talking Mushroom lines

Updated quests

  • Murder Mystery
  • Canyon Guides
  • General's Orders
  • Fantastic Voyage
  • The Bigger Picture

Reedited older quests

These quests can now have their voice lines skipped when you skip over the text dialogue by pressing Shift.

  • Recover the Past
  • Enzan's Brother
  • King's Recruit
  • Infested Plants
  • Cook Assistant
  • Poisoning the Pest
  • Sewers of Ragni
  • Elemental Exercise
  • Potion Making
  • Tunnel Trouble
  • Stable Story
  • Creeper Infiltration
  • Arachnids Ascent
  • WynnExcavation Site A
  • Studying the Corrupt
  • WynnExcavation Site B
  • Tribal Aggression
  • Macabre Masquerade
  • Pit of the Dead
  • Star Thief
  • Green Gloop
  • Cluck Cluck
  • Dwelling Walls
  • Underice
  • Heart of Llevigar
  • Lost Tower
  • Pirate's Trove
  • Bob's Lost Soul
  • Wrath of the Mummy
  • Grave Digger
  • Grave Mistake
  • Craftmas Chaos
  • Master Piece
  • The Passage
  • Crop Failure
  • And Iron Heart Part 1
  • WynnExcavation Site C
  • Canyon Condor
  • Death Whistle
  • Zhight Island
  • House of Twain
  • Blazing Retribution
  • Corrupted Village
  • The Mercenary
  • Order of the Grook
  • Clearing the Camps

Retakes and recasts

  • The Alchemist in Recover the Past
  • Eduyn in Arachnids Ascent
  • The Soldier in Dark Descent
  • The Lost Soul in Dark Descent
  • The Scout in Dark Descent
  • The Adventuring Mage in Studying the Corrupt
  • Tesha in WynnExcavation Site A
  • Farmer Cevalus in Poisoning the Pest


  • Added missing Black Jack Dealer's line
  • Added some missing Seaskipper's lines
  • Added missing Sergent Klafson lines to Tunnel Trouble
  • Added two missing Earth Teacher's lines to Order of the Grook
  • Added Captured Prisoner's lines to Flight in Distress
  • Updated some parts of Flight in Distress. Still missing lines of Skyraider and Engineer Eric.
  • Fixed some other lines in Flight in Distress
  • Fixed the Skeleton's lines in Grave Mistake
  • Made sure all the lines in Blazing Retribution play now, even though they have the wrong names in them for now.
  • Fixed many lines in King's Recruit (Tasim, Ragni Guard and other NPCs)
  • Fixed the issue with sounds sometimes being played at the wrong entity
  • Fixed crashing issues for when an NPC disappears while its nametag still exists

Other improvements

  • Changed the volume of files to follow the ASWG audio standards

The changes listed here represent the changes from the Voices of Wynn version 1.0.1.

This release contains the exact same amount of content as version 1.2 for Fabric (Minecraft version 1.19.3).

Check the commit messages on our GitHub for the full and detailed list of changes.