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Released on 1st February 2024

Version type Release
Mod version 1.7
Wynncraft version 2.0.4
Minecraft version 1.20.2
Size 785.32 MB
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This version of Voices of Wynn is dependant on Fabric API and Cloth Config API.

If you encounter problems when launching Minecraft with Voices of Wynn installed, install these two mods from the following addresses please:

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Stay comfy during winter with Voices of Wynn 1.7

Hi everyone, welcome to 2024. Let's hope the world won't keep getting progressively more and more crazy, as it has since 2020.

We've been working hard to voice all the new content added in the 2.0.3 update and after approximately half a year, we're finally done. That doesn't mean we're taking a break though, we're working on voicing all boss altars and secret discoveries as well as some minor quest tweaks and hope we'll bring them to you before the next major Wynncraft update.

Enjoy the rest of Winter, have fun and take care.

– Voices of Wynn team

New and Updated Content

  • The Taking the Tower quest
  • The Timelost Sanctum dungeon
  • New version of Poisoning the Pest
  • New version of Arachnids Ascent
  • New version of Elemental Exercise
  • New version of Recover the Past
  • New version of Hunger of Gerts Part I
  • New version of Hunger of Gerts Part II
  • New version of One Thousand Meters Under
  • New version of Aldorei's Secret Part II
  • New version of Underworld Crypt dungeon
  • New version of Infested Pit dungeon
  • The new ending for Grave digger
  • Updated lines in Tunnel Trouble

Fixes and Recasts

  • Fixed Worid's lines in Jungle Fever being played in the wrong order
  • Fixed two not-playing lines in Realm of Light part I
  • Fixed the Temple of Legends quest by adding new Kelight
  • Fixed one not-playing line from Merloni in Pit of the Dead
  • Fixed Homeless Mayor's last dialogue in Tempo Town Trouble
  • Added four missing Batelu's lines in Reincarnation
  • Added missing Thomas lines in Creeper Infiltration
  • Separated Bob's dialogue into individual lines
  • Recast Batelu in Reincarnation
  • Fixed one not-playing Redbeard's line in the Galleons Graveyard dungeon
  • Fixed problem where all sounds get stopped when a dialogue is played
  • Fixed crash that could happen rarely
  • Fixed line reporter not working
  • Made VoW-Logger log in UTF-8
  • Changed a bunch of spell lines to their UTF-8 format

Check the commit messages on our GitHub for the complete and detailed list of changes.