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Released on 6th February 2023

Version type Beta
Mod version 1.3
Wynncraft version 2.0
Minecraft version 1.12.2
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Voices of Wynn 1.3

Now with at least 13 % fewer bugs for the same price!

Welcome to 2023 everyone! We hope you had a lovely holiday and that you're enjoying the wonders of winter (or summer, depending on you live).

We decided to try to do updates a bit more often, even though they won't be as feature-rich. We think that you will appreciate this mostly because of (relatively) quicker bug fixes. And man, bug fixes we have.

Voices of Wynn 1.3 is probably the one publicly released version with the biggest number of bug fixes. If you're active on our Discord, maybe you'll find a bug that you reported fixed. Thank you for that, by the way. We are looking forward to fixing all future bugs that you report (well, that's not completely honest, but you know what we mean).

Good luck in 2023 and have fun!

– Shady (the guy in charge of writing changelogs)

Updated quests

  • Beyond the Grave
  • Ultimate Weapon

Reedited older quests

These quests can now have their voice lines skipped when you skip over the text dialogue by pressing Shift.

  • Maiden Tower
  • Kingdom of Sand
  • Out of my Mind
  • Lost in the Jungle
  • Haven Antiquity
  • Lost Royalty
  • Grand Youth
  • Shadow of the Beast
  • Lava Springs
  • Lexdale Witch Trials
  • Lost Soles
  • Tower of Ascension
  • Realm of Light part IV
  • Fate of the Fallen
  • A Journey Further
  • Ice Nations
  • Mushroom Man
  • King's Recruit

Retakes and recasts

  • Many recordings in A Journey Further
  • Head Engineer in Heart of Llevigar
  • Prentiss in Out of my Mind
  • All NPCs in Ice Nations
  • Tasim in King's Recruit (recast)
  • Aledar in King's Recruit (retake)


  • Fixed Yalvis's lines in Lost Royalty (invalid file names).
  • Fixed the first line in Wynn Excavation Site C not playing.
  • Fixed one of Phief's lines.
  • Fixed a number of Doubiss's lines.
  • Fixed Guard Golem's last line in An Iron Heart Part I not playing.
  • Fixed multiple lines in Order of the Grook.
  • Fixed a Prisoner's line in Forbidden Prison not playing.
  • Added and fixed multiple Seaskipper's lines.
  • Fixed two Orphion's lines not playing in Realm of Light Part II.
  • Probably fixed a bug with some recordings playing over and over again.
  • Fixed a bunch of lines not playing in Archnids' Ascent.
  • Fixed multiple lines not playing in Lava Springs.
  • Fixed some lines in Tower of Ascension.
  • Fixed one line in Shattered Minds not playing.
  • Fixed one of Sergeant Klafsons's lines not playing in Tunnel Trouble.
  • Fixed one of Drale's lines not playing in Tunnel Trouble.
  • Fixed multiple lines in Grave Digger not playing.
  • Fixed one Sayleros's line being loaded twice during startup and throwing a warning in the logs.
  • Fixed some Yahya's lines in Mushroom Man.
  • Fixed one of Thomas's lines not playing in Creeper Infiltration.
  • Fixed a few of Old Man Martin's lines not playing in Déjà Vu.
  • Fixed Viraex's last line not playing in Studying the Corrupt.
  • Fixed Leuscaa's first line not playing in Dwelling Walls.
  • Removed records of no-longer-existing recordings, that were causing some errors.

Other improvements

  • Improved the check of whether an NPC is close enough to be heard.
  • Made "triple dots" characters consistent within our files, which makes us less vulnerable to Wynncraft swapping between "…" and "..." again in the future.
  • Changed some sounds to play at the location of talking NPC instead of the player.

The changes listed here represent the changes from the Voices of Wynn version 1.2.

This release contains the exact same amount of content as version 1.3 for Fabric (Minecraft version 1.19.3).

Check the commit messages on our GitHub for the complete and detailed list of changes.