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Released on 16th April 2023

Version type Beta
Mod version 1.4
Wynncraft version 2.0
Minecraft version 1.12.2
Size 686.23 MB
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Voices of Wynn 1.4

With a lot of updated 2.0 quests.

Updated quests

  • All Roads to Peace
  • Purple and Blue
  • Fallen Delivery
  • Tempo Town Trouble, with recast of Tyko and Homeless Mayor.
  • Cowfusion
  • Enter the Dojo that included a recast of Sensei Miyagi and lines for the Challenger Apprentices.
  • Recipe for Disaster including all NPCs that are in any way part of the quest.
  • From the Bottom. Note: 2 of Mastros lines are missing, so enjoy the voice actors singing for those two lines until we replace him as he is no longer responding.
  • Royal trials

Reedited older quests

These quests can now have their voice lines skipped when you skip over the text dialogue by pressing Shift.

  • Underwater
  • Journey beyond. Also replaced Aledar lines with new recordings.
  • Realm of light 1
  • Realm of light 2 and replaced orphion recordings with new ones
  • A sandy scandal
  • Wynn excavation site d and recast the royal advisor carlos.
  • Shattered minds Also fixed Yahyas lines not working there.
  • Jungle Fever

Retakes and recasts

  • Recast Sayrr in Underwater.
  • Replaced Omango recordings with new improved ones in Underwater.
  • Recast Engineer Eric in Flight in Distress
  • Recast Traitor Thomas in Wynn excavation Site D
  • Recast Witherhead and added all of her dungeon lines (Corrupted Decripted Sewers is finally voiced ;))


  • Fixed some lines to play on NPC location instead of at player location in Acquiring Credentials.
  • Made Traitor Amadel play his lines in Wynn Excavation Site C .
  • Remove the "'" from "Ragni'sking" file names in Wynn Excavation Site D.
  • Fixed missing file for Wynn Excavation Scientist Azure.
  • Fixed a missing line in Master piece's second dialogue.
  • Fixed two lines from Yodbon in Green Glop not playing.
  • Fixed typo in file name for wynnexcavationd-excavatoradminuci.
  • Fixed wrong names for Shattered Mind's files.
  • Fixed a few lines that where not playing in Flight in Distress from Captain Ackbar and the Missing Child.
  • Fixed incorrect file name of one Shattered Mind's line.
  • Fixed some lines not playing in The Passage.
  • Fixed a bunch of lines not playing in Lost Royalty.
  • Fixed a bunch of lines not playing in Recover the Past.
  • Fixed one line from Burtur in Lazarus Pit.
  • Fixed one Excavator Placardus in Wynn Excavation Site C that wasn't playing.
  • Fixed a Eppo line that wasn't playing in Frost Bite.
  • Fixed four lines that where not playing in Fate of the Fallen.
  • Fixed 3 Twendle lines that where not playing in House of twain.
  • Fixed one of WynnExcavation Archaeologists lines not playing in WynnExcavation site B.
  • Fixed one of Detective Jacksons lines not playing in Blazing Retribution.
  • Fixed Clearing the Camps lines not playing (half where not o_O, wynn and their typo fixes xD).
  • Fixed one of Zenam's lines that wasn't playing in Heart of Llevigar.
  • Fixed a bunch of lines that where not playing in Wynn Excavation Site A because. Wynncraft changed some tiny things in the dialogue.
  • Fixed a bunch of lines that where not playing in Craftmas Chaos.
  • Fixed a not playing line in Misadventure on the Sea.

The changes listed here represent the changes from the Voices of Wynn version 1.3.

This release contains the same amount of content as version 1.4 for Fabric (Minecraft version 1.12.2).

Check the commit messages on our GitHub for the complete and detailed list of changes.